Nicki Chen

Nicki Chen School of Music, InstrumentalArts, BFA3 loss too is also ours aside you still beside you in sleep and in waking this fear is still water in a bowl, a fish drowning underneath suffocation looming over our heads our house when did our tank become so small? when did we lose the ocean? An […]

Riley Campbell

Riley Campbell School of Music, Music Technology, BFA4 The 12-Tone Mandala The 12-Tone Mandala is a method of analyzing and teaching music theory using geometry. Inspired by concepts within Qabbalah and Pythagoreanism, it uses simple shapes to illustrate the beautiful mathematical permutations of the 12 notes of the western scale.

Eliot Burk

Eliot Burk School of Music, Experimental Sound Practices, MFA1 String Quartets for Two Performers Before COVID, I saved up to purchase the instruments of a String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola, Cello). I wanted to have the whole ensemble so that I could play them without being restricted to what most performers are comfortable doing to […]

Norm’s Short Sleeves

  Norm’s Short Sleeves School of Theater, Acting, MFA2 The Way It Was (Official Music Video) Song by Norm’s Short Sleeves Performed by Lucas Brahme, Spencer Prescott, Elizabeth Waller Directed by Adam Peltier Edited by Connor Linnerooth Collaborators: Elizabeth Waller (Calarts BFA ’20) Adam Peltier (Calarts MFA2 Actor) Connor Linerooth (Film Editor) Spencer Prescott (Musician)

Ari Bone, Liam Hayden and Gabe Salomon

Ari Bone, Liam Hayden and Gabe Salomon School of Music, ExPop, BFA3 Neil Degrasse Tyson Hates Issac Newton The Chonks (Ari Bone, Liam Hayden, Duncan Mugalian) filmed a music video for the lead single off their upcoming 2nd EP. The video was edited by Warped Visions. 90% of the footage was filmed in bathrooms. Collaborators: […]

Lois Bielefeld

Lois Bielefeld School of Art, Photo/Media, MFA2 To commit to memory To commit to memory is work delving into my parent’s life, particularly their conservative Evangelical traditions and how this plays out within the home. The genesis for this series was a video piece I made of my mom’s daily 13-minute plank while reciting memorized […]

Fía Benitez

Fía Benitez School of Art, Art and Integrated Media, MFA2 Root Rot Citrus House, 2021 Graphite, watercolor on matboard; Sunkist Citrus House on Main Street, USA, Disneyland, Anaheim, CA, sign (1960-89) 32 x 40 in. From CalArts final exhibition, Root Rot (2021)

Sara Brown

Sara Brown School of Music, BFA2 Recording Studio for Women & LGBTQ+ Community During the pandemic friends and I built a recording studio called Kahina Studios in Zurich, Switzerland, from scratch that should serve as a safe space for women and the LGBTQ+ Community. Motivated by my experience and the discrimination towards marginalized groups I […]

Rosa Evangelina

    Rosa Evangelina School of Music, VoiceArts, MFA2 BODY SCAN #1: THE WAR IS OVER BODY SCAN #1: THE WAR IS OVER For Solo Performer I Explore your body with a contact microphone. II Place the microphone on your voice box. Breathe as slowly and pleasurably as possible. If singing happens, allow it. Collaborators: […]

Rodrigo Arruda

Rodrigo Arruda School of Art, Art, MFA 1 Cattle/Gado About horns and allegory, here and there.

Anaís Azul

  Anaís Azul School of Music, Performer-Composer, MFA1 IDENTIDAD Patricio Espinoza: Lyrics and video Anaís Azul: Performance, composition, and lyrics This song was written in response to a call by Centro Cultural Universidad de Lima in which musicians were asked to make an original composition responding to the current climate of Peru only using the […]

Mahedi Anjuman

    Mahedi Anjuman School of Art, Art, MFA 1 YOU YOU portrays the image of how we interact with or understand other humans, as our understanding is limited and developed through our own knowledge and perception. Collaborators: Madison Foley

Josie Anders

  Josie Anders School of Dance, Dance, BFA 2 James Dean James Dean is a dance documentary. It explores life’s mundane moments that largely affect how we view ourselves, all while having a comedic approach.

Razan Alsarraf

    Razan Alsarraf School of Art, Art, MFA 1 Seeds After Black Gold Seeds After Black Gold is a short film created in Kuwait, illustrating several rituals traditionally practiced by Shia women preparing for an Islamic marriage. The rituals are then lifted from the context of a wedding and displaced into spaces unbound by […]