Virgo Verse

Virgo Verse School of Music, Performer-Composer, BFA3 Roam Virgo Verse’s latest EP “Roam” is a collection of five songs exploring some of the most meaningful places in her life. Through this songwriting, she documents her personal memories, relationships, and changes since moving from coast to coast. These details transform into greater feelings of nostalgia, love, […]

Mayar Hamdan

Mayar Hamdan School of Art, Art and Technology, MFA 2 Al-Mashata “Al-Mashata” is a 360º interactive film/game made to be experienced on a mobile phone. “Al-Mashata” is Arabic for “the groomer,” but also means to “clean” or “beautify drastically”. The film is set in a beauty salon in the Middle East and puts you (the […]

Benjamin S. Gordon

Benjamin S. Gordon School of Art, Art, MFA 2 Sticks & Selection of paintings from MFA thesis exhibition – Sticks &

Levi Gillis

Levi Gillis School of Music, Performer-Composer, MFA 2 AUTOMATON AUTOMATON is a sonic and visual exploration of automation in many forms. The piece brings together Levi’s unique and intricate approach to the saxophone with his recent project of building automata and rudimentary sonic sculptures by hand. Text is written by Levi and includes an excerpt […]

Eternally Cowboy

Eternally Cowboy · Songs Eternally Cowboy School of Music, ExPop, BFA1 The Truth My music is often inspired by country music. I wrote this song many years back and it wasn’t until entering CalArts and meeting like-minded musicians that I feel this song came to completion. Featuring Chad Fitzsimmons, a fellow CalArts student, on fiddle […]

Madelyn Reed

Madelyn Reed School of Dance, Dance, BFA 1 46 Things “you can’t ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event.” Learning how to continue living with, through, and from trauma. Collaborators: Choreograph and Performance by Madelyn Reed Music by CoH and little Annie

Christine Gaffney

Christine Gaffney School of Art, Art and Technology, MFA1 when I wonder…the space between thoughts

John Fumo

John Fumo School of Music, Faculty Ransom Music #1 Ransom Music #1 is an unrecorded work. I am fascinated by pieces of things, in this case small fragments of musical notations.

Katherine Paez Froehlich

Katherine Paez Froehlich School of Theater, Production Management & Creative Producing, MFA1 Katherine Paez Froehlich Portfolio

Sarahjeen François

Sarahjeen François School of Theater, Acting, Alumnx Musings of a Negress Musings of a Negress is a spoken word album that reflects on the standards of society prescribed to my black feminine body. “Lessons in Gardening When Ya Skin Is Brown And The World Is Too Tough” as an excerpt from the album, and presents […]

Luka Fisher

Luka Fisher School of Art, Alumnx Kyler O’Neal’s Satan’s Tears Satan’s Tears is trans-singer songwriter Kyler O’Neal’s debut dance film and is a kind of love letter to other queer and trans people that have been made to feel lesser for who they are. Credits – Andrew Lush (director)-@andrewlush Isabelle Sjahsam (choreographer)-@isjahsam Burak Yerebakan (music […]

Michael Echaniz

Michael Echaniz School of Music, Jazz, MFA1 Seven Shades of Violet This is an uptempo, 7/4 jazz fusion composition of mine, originally for piano, upright bass, drums, keyboards, and female voice. This piece was intended to be a modern reinterpretation of a minor blues with a riff-based head, long improvisatory section for all band members, […]

Andrew Dyet and Abigail Johnson

Andrew Dyet and Abigail Johnson School of Music, Experimental Sound Practices, MFA2 Atmosphere Box Atmosphere Box is the result of collaboration between Abigail Johnson and Andrew Dyet. It is a sound sculpture that uses sensor data from the environment to synthesize sound. Originally designed for permanent installation at Chateau D’Orquevaux in Champagne, France, Atmosphere Box […]

Dimitri Di Lillo

Dimitri Di Lillo School of Film/Video, Character Animation, BFA2 BABY I LOVE YOU My 48hr film about distance, yearning, and boyz.

Matthew DeStefano

Matthew DeStefano School of Art, Art, MFA 1 FISH STORIES A pyramid stands on the banks of the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee. At once an ode to the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, a ⅔ scale replica of the great pyramids of Giza in glass and steel, “The Great American Pyramid” was conceived as […]


MAKAI School of Music, ExPop, BFA2 Wake Wake is a song and video about facing a cycling of self doubt and powering through it by finding comfort in nature and knowing one day we will all decompose.