Christian V. Mejia

Christian V. Mejia School of Theater, Lighting Design, MFA3 Portfolio Christian V. Mejia is a California-based lighting and digital media designer who spent his pre-graduate school years working in design and Production Management with theatres in and around San Francisco. His artistic practice focuses on creating dynamic, engaging, immersive, and emotionally-driven environments using light as […]

Yaozhi Liu

Yaozhi Liu School of Art, Photo/Media, MFA2 There it is Take it! There it is, Take is! is a photography project of the overall geological and historical features about the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which is built from Owens valley, Inyo county to San Fernando valley, LA county. The water from the aqueduct flows across the […]

Dongpu Ling

Dongpu Ling School of Art, Art and Technology, MFA2 Dark Matter Dark Matter is an installation, which has a video projection of machine learning generated video and surveillance camera shaped wooden sculpture, with a ferrofluid “lens” displaying pixelated low resolution surveillance footages on the top surface. Ferrofluid is a magnetic black liquid that was invented by […]

Jesse LeVesconte

Jesse LeVesconte School of Theater, Alumnx Machined Trends Machined Trends uses artificial intelligence to visualize the environmental impact of algorithmic trading. Multi-billion dollar port-folios for three of the world’s largest asset management firms (BlackRock, Renaissance Technologies, and Vanguard Group) were analyzed via SEC records using the Paris Agreement Capital Transition tool. Three data sculptures, composed […]

Gwen Lee

Gwen Lee School of Film/Video, Experimental Animation Blue Dream This is CalArts-Gobelins Collaborated work. Have a great blue dream! Collaborators: Chloé Van Becelaere

Yingdan Lai

Yingdan Lai School of Film/Video, Experimental Animation, Incoming MFA Little Dan Adulthood is full of responsibility. On the way home by subway, Little Dan recalls her childhood that was care-free and happy. That valuable memory lets her reorganize the experiences that she went through.

Cheyenne Knehans

Cheyenne Knehans School of Theater, Applied Arts, MFA2 Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil is the conceptual design of an “Impossible Project” that invites guests to spend two nights and two full days exploring an interactive, immersive story-based train hotel experience. Developing from the basic idea of creating a pitch deck for an “immersive hotel”, […]

Herry Kim

Herry Kim School of Art, Art, MFA1 Regression In Regression, I explore the sense of detachment and confusion caused and accelerated by pattern recognition/pattern generation technology. It is a surreal and speculative science fiction that reveals colliding emotions through a metaphorical social structure. Collaborators: Brian Griffith

Karie Jacobson

Karie Jacobson School of Critical Studies, Creative Writing, MFA 2 Fighting on The Wrong Side Song “Fighting on The Wrong Side.” I wrote the song and performed the voice, guitar, bass, and synthetic instruments. Mixed by Fred M. at Castle Fang.

Meisen Hu

Meisen Hu School of Theater, Alumnx Personal Virtual Gallery Developed during the middle of the pandemic, my personal virtual gallery series demonstrates the possibility of digitizing oil and acrylic paintings into 3D models with physical properties, and render them in digitally created art galleries.

Grids, Beats, and Groups

Grids, Beats, and Groups Jordan Hochenbaum and John Tejada’s spring Grids Beats and Groups class presents: Andrew Manuel, Corrupt Catalyst, C.Cliff, NC7teen, Jacuzzi_Mane, Ono San, OliviaHP and John Tejada performing live. 

Sleepie Louie

Sleepie Louie School of Music, ExPop, BFA 1 Alien Homo Sapien Alien Homo Sapien was released on streaming around this time last year. It’s the only song I have released publicly thus far, it’s about alienation and the use of the word Alien in all its forms. I used a theremin in the production and […]

Dave Merson Hess

Dave Merson Hess School of Film/Video, Experimental Animation, MFA3 Portraits and One-Pagers “Portraits and One-pagers” is a booklet-sized zine combining portraits and one-page comics drawn in ink.

Alex Hawthorn

Alex Hawthorn Interschool Schools of Art and Music, Experimental Sound Practices & Art and Tech, MFA1 Evening Dreams of Space Flight Evening Dreams of Space Flight represents my first public release of music. It is comprised of field recordings and synthesised material recorded during the summer of 2020 while adjusting to quarantine – walks through […]

Music of Eva Maria Houben, collective music of the CalArts Percussion Ensemble, and free improvisation, facilitated by Tim Feeney.

CalArts Percussion and Free Improvisation Ensembles Music of Eva Maria Houben, collective music of the CalArts Percussion Ensemble, and free improvisation, facilitated by Tim Feeney. CalArts Percussion Ensemble: Morgan Alford, Margo Harms, Eric Lennartson, and Henry Delargy Free Improvisation Ensemble: Kristianne Bautista, Max Beers, Juan Mendizabal, Hiroya Ono, Michel von Loh, Chuck Behring, Maria Alejandra […]

Global Studios and Audiotopias Showcase

            Global Studios and Audiotopias Showcase Audiotopia, coined by scholar, writer, journalist, teacher, and curator Josh Kun, describes music’s ability to create a unique virtual world for the listener in which “contradictions and conflicts do not cancel each other out but coexist and live through each other.” Working digitally with […]