Jing Dong

School of Art, Art and Technology, MFA2

The hidden space

What is the aesthetics of AI? If AI/ML is poetic? With those questions, I have an interest in exploring the relationship between AI, Art and body movement. AI acts as an extension of human’s consciousness, can they produce poetic and sensation of beauty?
In this piece, I choose AI generated text as the media to explore the harmony of human bodies, movement and nature colliding with digital environments. Language was never only words, never merely semiotic components, but also the driver of thought. AI language constructed an environment that invited the artist or audiences to engage and interact. Two AI models were trained to generate poetry and recognize specific movements. In the performance, generated poetries were triggered by the specific movements of the dancer. The dancer improvised the new movement based on her feelings and thought after she read the AI poetry. Then the improvised movement as input to generate new poetry again. The whole process was like a feedback loop.

Choreographer:Yuchen Hu

Dancer: Emilee Luvara

Musician: Mandy

Digital memory

I try to build a space for storing our virtual digital memory. Memory comes from experience, senses, imagination, and information from the real world. The memory will be collected or even transformed into another form that will continue to exist in the digital world. This work explores how our memory will be abstracted, reshaped, and stored in the post-human era, especially as the boundary between real and virtual becomes more and more blurred, and machine intelligence is becoming increasingly out of control.