Greg Lewis

School of Music, Jazz Studies/Composition, MFA 2

How Can I Trust Truth?

How Can I Trust Truth?' is a multi-media collaboration between drummer/composer Greg Lewis and visual artist Gage Winthrop. Musically, it deals with elements of through-composed material, improvisation and 'chance' music. Through the use of both electronic and acoustic instruments, this composition aims to draw a balance between these musical milieu, and give its performers a unique space to improvise. 'How Can I Trust Truth?' features Solomon Newbon on vocals, Levi Gillis on tenor saxophone, and Steve Lehman on alto saxophone.

Visually, Gage Winthrop was given the composition in stripped down layers to create an accurate audio-reactive visual experience.

Collaborators: Levi Gillis, Solomon Newbon, Steve Lehman

These Keys'

These Keys' is an original composition by indie rock/folk quartet Vatican City Fight Club with an original animation by Jordan Caroompas .

Collaborators: Greg Lewis, Sean Alexander Collins, Dave Strawn, Cameron Sax