Max Jaffe

School of Music, Music Technology, MFA2


Solo performance piece for electroacoustic drum kit with Sensory Percussion and signal processing. Additional visual processing done using TouchDesigner networks. Speech audio is from Steny Hoyer (D-MD) on the floor of the U.S. House Of Representatives, January 13, 2021. The title refers to the Latin word that can mean movement, emotion, progress, and rebellion.

Self-Replicating No. 3' - JOBS

Music video for the song "Self-Replicating No. 3' - JOBS" by the band JOBS. This video uses an audio-reactive TouchDesigner network and customized components to send each member of the band on a journey through repetitive interrelated simultaneity.


here/not here

An interdisciplinary film collaboration between MFA Choreography student Taylor Donofrio and MFA Music Tech student Max Jaffe, HERE:NOT HERE is a study on the attachment of time and our understanding of the present moment. Through the use of movement, repetition, improvisation, and field recordings, and inspired by both artists' experience of disreality within the pandemic, HERE:NOT HERE finds itself in the inbetween states of time, the moments of consciousness that have yet to be experienced, and the moments of our past that we can’t seem to let go.

Collaborators: Taylor Donofrio

Everyday Durations

“Everyday Durations” is a video work that explores the utilitarian time-keeping function of drumming by using a drum performance to create a visual notation that accounts for, and varies according to, each drum stroke. Inspired by the "10Print" pattern and computer program, “Everyday Durations” treats the drum as an impulse generator for sonic and visual cycles that quickly accumulate and suggest a memory of sound we can look at.