Simple Step

Simple Step Simple Step is, as it’s name suggests, is a simple and easy to understand step sequencer. For those who do not know what a step sequencer is, it is a interface that allow you to set a number of pitches and rhythm as “steps” in the constantly looping machine. It was designed for […]

Nancy Pilkington

  Nancy Pilkington School of Art, Art, BFA 3 An Oracle of Ruin Recently I have been focusing on my painting practice and engaging with an approach that focuses on the creation of a symbolic language, a means through which I might encode messages of alternative realities or critical histories via peculiar object relations. I […]


Sky-David School of Film/Video, Alumnx FIELD OF GREEN: A SOLDIER’S SKETCHBOOK DIARY This is a hand drawn animated film produced between 200-2007 that is based on a diary drawings made during combat in Vietnam, 1967-1970 where I functioned as a LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) for the 82nd Airborne Division of the Army based out […]

Mehregan Pezeshki

Mehregan Pezeshki School of Art, Photo/Media, MFA 1 The Shadow On The Wall In the past year, going through the pandemic and isolation I started a journey of self discovery. Being forced to be alone, I started learning how to be comfortable with myself and enjoy my alone time. This poem is from the book […]

Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck School of Film/Video, BFA 1 Crazy Concertos: “Magic Key” “Magic Key” it is a musical video of the Magic Tree from Disney’s the Sword in the Stone , song by the Sherman Brothers

Fallon Williams

Fallon Williams School of Theater, Scenic and Lighting Design, MFA3 Fallon Williams Portfolio Fallon Williams is a Multidisciplinary Artist and Designer who works with space, light, projection, and technology for live performance, architecture and immersive environment, film, and visual art. Grounded in narrative-driven work, she builds unique atmospheres that are impactful and innovative. Fallon’s recent […]

Elliot Yokum

Elliot Yokum School of Theater, Sound Design, MFA3 Sound Design Portfolio

Zimo Zhao

Zimo Zhao School of Art, Photo/Media, MFA 1 UNTITLED Since it is generally believed that the COVID-19 virus originated in China, the pandemic has evolved into a political and racist virus through government instigation, this instigation has increased the crime rates of assault and discrimination against Asian and Asian American people.As a Chinese international student […]

Joel Orozco

Joel Orozco School of Art, Alumnx UNTITLED It is enigmatic for me to define my job as a photographer however, I can say how I want to synthesize, the moment to create an intense and poetic work from daily life.

Gisella G

Gisella G School of Music, VoiceArts, MFA2 Resonance A pre-recorded performance by Resonance performing 4 original songs of social justice and self-love to name a few of the causes we champion for. Collaborators: Carlos Rodrigues; Lorenzo Palma; Christian Preciado; Barney Aparicio; Michael Wise; Mario Martinez; Nick Ortiz, Aidan Mcbride

Talent Show: The Film

Talent Show: The Film Talent Show: The Film features students and special guests from the CalArts 2021 course, Talent Show. We love amateurism and we love virtuosity! Since we can’t be together in the theater, please enjoy our wacky film! CREDITS FOR TALENT SHOW: THE FILM TAUGHT BY Ariel Osterweis Sharon Lockhart MC Tara Jepsen […]

Maiko Okajima

Maiko Okajima School of Dance, Dance Film, BFA 2 The 目 eye This piece was influenced by people. There are many perceptions existing in this world but people often do not acknowledge others’ opinion or perspective. Look at the world a different way.

Onyou Oh

Onyou Oh School of Film/Video, Film and Video, MFA 3 Alchemical Botany A small garden, which comprises particles of stars and petals sent from outer space, expands itself through an alchemical process in a moment. Alchemical Botany is an experimental audio-visual interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s poem “The Name — of it — is ‘Autumn.'” Shot […]

Ni Shan

Ni Shan Interschool Schools of Art and Music, Experimental Sound Practices & Art and Tech, MFA2 Memory Box Memory box is a virtual space for the visitors to explore freely, I see it as a home for the peculiar fragments of my memory, This multi-dimensional record space will continue growing in time, But eventually, silent. […]

Rion Nebreja

Rion Nebreja School of Theater, Acting, MFA 1 Jettison Jettison is a movement piece of one’s human journey.

Michaella Moon

Michaella Moon School of Music, Music Technology, MFA1 Words Trigger This project connects RunwayML, Processing, MaxMsp and TouchDesigner to create an audio and visual rich performance. The audio and visuals are all triggered by the text typed into the program. Depending on the number of words typed in, Processing will grab the same amount of […]