Steve Weir

Steve Weir School of Art, Alumnx Trainviews Trainviews are point-of-view photographs taken from a commuter train running along the Puget Sound from Mukilteo to Seattle

Ann Myra

Ann Myra School of Art, Alumnx Ann Myra -lives and works in Santa Monica, CA. Alumni Cal Arts class of 92 a staunch environmentalist and children’s book author. Ann Myra, Collaborator on “Strings” was Andre Benoaisch, Engineered by Woody Pak, co- wrote “Summers Collapse” Tony Hall Album Collaborators: Ann Myra, Andre Benoaisch, Woody Pak, Tony […]

Shane Vincent

Shane Vincent School of Music, Performer/Composer, BFA 3 Fever Dreamin’ Written in the depths of social isolation, Fever Dreamin’ is a culmination of experiences over the course of a year when the only opportunity to make live music was with yourself. I composed it with the intention of being able to create the project completely […]


Martancho School of Music, Alumnx Cumbia Cubista This is a 3-dimensional cumbia, a sensorial journey through sounds. Cumbia is a traditional rhythm originally from Colombia and spread through all the Americas. It’s a combination of drums and harmonies that provoque a bodily reaction (dancing). Close your eyes and enjoy this journey. Collaborators: Emilia Desiré  

Cha Tori and Elizabeth Herring

Cha Tori and Elizabeth Herring School of Art, Art, MFA2 P2P: ForGround P2P: ForGround is a group exhibition in Mt.Washington/Highland Park. Responding to the social isolation of the pandemic, ForGround posits the group exhibition as an opportunity to build and grow community. Situated outdoors in a yard, the exhibition asks what happens when art takes […]

Tyson Thurston

Tyson Thurston School of Music, Composition and Experimental Sound Practices, BFA4 reflect/refract Music & sound by Tyson Thurston. Choreography & movement by Taylor Donofrio.

Andrea Turk

Andrea Turk School of Music, VoiceArts, MFA2 “GIVE IT 2 ME” – Andrea Turk, DAT Andrea Turk, a 20-year-old Indonesian musician, singer-songwriter and producer is currently working on her 4th studio album, “GOVERNMENT NAME”, a Neo 80’s-Disco-Hyperpop album infused with themes of immigration, queerness, liberation, sex, love and feminism with collaborator Dylan Allen Todd, also […]

Tracy Thompson

Tracy Thompson School of Music, VoiceArts, MFA 1 Pandemic Panic The American COVID-19 Experience: The unprecedented financial fallout of Americans as they are forced from prosperity to panic to poverty in less than one year. The narrator examines the arc of the financial impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and that continues to affect millions of Americans […]

John Tejada Presents Future Stars Vol. 2

John Tejada Presents Future Stars 2 by Touched Music John Tejada Presents Future Stars Vol. 2 On May 7th UK label Touched Music will release “John Tejada presents Future Stars 2,” a new compilation album made up of original works by Tejada’s Advanced Electronic Music Production Spring 2021 class roster. Touched Music is a UK […]

Marina Santana De la Torre

Marina Santana De la Torre School of Film/Video, Alumx Gone Missing (Sound Portal) Gone Missing is a sound constructed story about a case of disappearance.

Kyan Soh

  Kyan Soh School of Film/Video, Film and Video, BFA 2 Purple I am red, to the blues I say “marry me” Collaborators: Michael Soh, Amy Soh, Elliot Soh

Joshua Sadinsky

Joshua Sadinsky School of Music, Performer/Composer, MFA 2 Wrevisions Wrevisions is an original quartet written for haegeum, a traditional Korean instrument, violin, electric bass, and piano. I premiered this piece for my MFA graduation recital on March 21, 2021. Collaborators: Jeonghyeon Joo, haegeum; Kanoa Ichiyanagi, violin; Brian Griffith, electric bass; Joshua Sadinsky, piano.

Matthew Adam Ross

Matthew Adam Ross School Art, MFA 1 Gestalt of Personhoods What constitutes our subjectivity? Is it futile to have a complete awareness of its ongoing becoming? Can we demarcate and cartograph to what extent forces norms and ethics infiltrate our conscience? Does the self portrait reflect the “I” of the beholder, or is the “I” […]

Claire Rivers

Claire Rivers School of Music, BFA 3 “Come on Cupid, Hit me Again!” This is a music video that I shot (with the exception of the iphone/selfie footage) and edited for my song “Come on Cupid, Hit me Again!” that I arranged and produced with my band The New Constellation. It is our first released […]

Claire Richards

Claire Richards School of Art, Photo/Media, BFA 3 twenty one acrylic on fake ids


Frolikdance School of Dance, Alumnx Doors Frolikdance presents: Doors A Dance for Camera collaboration with Alisa Rasera (alumnx ’94), Dana Lawton (alumnx ’94), Wally Holden (alumnx ’94), David Gaylord, Marc Brew, Carol Kueffer & Ben Juodvalkis