Liessa Son

School of Dance, Dance, BFA 3

Certain Kinds

Delving into the current hierarchical system, this film portrays the characteristics of each class: working, rich, and poor. Rather than being in their shoes, this shows the perspective of observing each class. The observation includes types of movements, facial expressions, and appearance settings, along with a bit of narration. In the end, however, this film departs away from the class segregation, making into "Certain Kinds" of people based on the degrees of wealth, and rather, while the COVID-19 crisis is striking among all of us, people may put economic differences aside and start prioritizing to consider basic human needs. This matter is portrayed by gradually making the distinct movements abstract. Overall, it is about human beings put into different circumstances, yet still capable of being relatable to each other.

Music/Sound Credits

Song Credits:
"Flight of the Bumblebee" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
"청춘의 꿈" by Young Ook Cho
"Night Talks" by Arcade Fire

News Credits:
CBS Evening News
Good Morning America
ABC News
DW News
Washington Post
BBC News
Global News
CBS This Morning


Collaborators: Various artists and people around the Los Angeles city

Song Credits: “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel (Live at Carnegie Hall 1969)

 Following “Certain Kinds”, this is the portrayal of the various perspectives towards our current situation. You can say this is an update. A lot of fundamental shifts have happened, whether they are political, social, medical, or economical. Some of these different perspectives are the expressions of this layered experience, summed up into a movement. Some others are an attempt to “bridge” one relation to another. This project aims to create a “web” of connections, to recognize that we are all connected in a way that we never notice.