Kathleen Fox

Kathleen Fox

School of Theater, Interactive Media for Performance, MFA3

To Remember a Friend

The year is 2040. A young woman named Jane Watson has been murdered in her apartment. No one knows what happened... but you plan to find out. You play as Whitlock, a rookie detective undergoing an experimental consciousness transfer procedure in exchange with the comatose sole witness to the murder. In this virtual reality narrative adventure game, you must work to uncover what really happened to Jane Watson, but just remember that memory is fluid, and those around you all have an agenda...


Kathleen Fox (MFA 3 Interactive Media) - Creative Director | Programmer | Writer
Jared Pixler (MFA 3 Producing)- Creative Producer
Bridget Rooney (MFA 2 Stage Management) - Production Manager
Chun-Wei Wang (MFA 2 Scenic) - Set Designer
Violet Smith (MFA 1 Lighting) - Lighting Designer
Elliot Yokum (MFA 3 Sound) - Sound Designer
Lydia Wang (MFA 2 Experimental Animation) - 3D Character Modeler
Henry Albright - Writer
Jack Frey - Programer
Chris Duran - Concept Art
Catherine Frey - Graphic Design
Simon Magno - Creative Producer
BK Dawson (MFA 3 Acting) - Voice of Jack
Kat Walker Shea (Alum) - Voice of Jane
Jade Robinson (Alum) - Voice of Gwen
Kion Heirari (BFA Music) - Voice of Matt
Socks Whitmore (Alum) - Voice of Christie
Cameron Leonard - Production Assistant

Ashes to Ashes and Data to Dust

Ashes to Ashes & Data to Dust was a virtual funeral service for the year 2020. Mourners were invited to reflect on their year through the project website. These reflections were then printed out into a physical coffin forming a collective eulogy.

The project concluded on New Years' Eve 2020 when the reflections were burned and finally brought back to dust.

The project is featured as a part of the first annual CalArts School of Theatre Festival and made possible by the CalArts Online Performance Grant.

 Lead Artist: Kathleen Fox
Set Designer: Amy Chiao
Technical Director: Jake Siekman
UX Designer: Natalie Nicholas
Sound Designer: Alena Deval
Lighting Designer: Ry Burke
Production Manager: Yawen "Evanie" Sun

Kathleen Fox Portfolio

Kathleen Fox is an interdisciplinary artist and multimedia designer who works in video design for live performance, VR, AR, game design, animation, and architectural projection. Her work explores empathy, grief, loneliness, memory in the digital age, and the importance of physicality and presence in virtual spaces.